X-Ray & Digitization

One of the key factors of KKT diagnostics is to evaluate the underlying spinal condition precisely and accurately for which KKT digital Spine X-rays play an integral and crucial part. The information provided by these digital X-rays gives your Canadian Certified KKT Orthopedic Surgeon a valuable insight of the disease and assist him in determining an appropriate treatment plan. KKT digital X-ray system includes proprietary diagnostic software, Spinalytics® and is capable of rapid capturing, storing and formatting X-ray images and integrating them with data for diagnostic and management purposes. X-ray session lasts roughly for 20 to 30 minutes for each individual during which a skilled and certified KKT radiographer takes specific views of the skull and the spine.

As a part of detailed and comprehensive assessment of the disease, the Canadian Certified KKT Orthopedic Surgeons analyze the digital images utilizing the proprietary software Spinalytics®. These Xray images also help to assess and evaluate the possible signs of degeneration, as well as structural and neurological compromise. The KKT surgeons would review your medical history, physical examination and digital spine X-rays to create a customized and individualized KKT treatment program. KKT digital X-ray images provide with exact details of the condition before starting the treatment to be compared with the images taken once treatment program is completed to observe the improvement.

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Dr. Geoff Desmoulin, PhD

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