Leg Pain

An overseas Pakistani working in oil fields suffering from Sciatica heals through KKT Spine Treatment

33 year old Nadeem Ur Rehman suffering from sciatica worked in the oil fields of Iraq. His pinched sciatic nerve made him totally immobilized and his life came to a halt living with his debilitating condition. Through a friends network from his native city of Sahiwal, he got recommended KKT Spine Treatment. Mr. Nadeem States ” I sent an email inquiry to the KKT Centre in Lahore and instantly got a feed back from Dr. Numan who helped me book my consultation appointment online. I was asked to email my MRI report and upload my x-rays sending them to the teams of doctors at KKT Centre in Lahore.The professionalism of KKT Staff convinced me to immediately book my flight to Lahore to start my treatment. Today after six weeks I feel I have a new life. ”

45 year old Pakistani advocate in Islamabad undergoes KKT Treatment after suffering from years of Backache/Disc bulge

Mr. Riaz Haneef is a 45 year old practicing advocate of the Islamabad High Courts.His MRI indicated a Disc Bulge in his L4-L5 / L5-S1 part of the Spinal column. Despite getting an epidural injection, his years of pain never went away permanently. A friend of his referred him to KKT Treatment and once he went through the program, his MRI no longer show the Bulge Disc anymore. As per his Doctors at KKT, he has made a subjective and objective improvement over 90%.

Victim of body imbalance Mr. Cheema turned to KKT Spine Center, after he was shattered by his inactive life of 3 decades

Mr. Nasir Cheema was a sufferer of body unbalance for the past 20-30 years. His condition had got to the point where his leg pain was intense and he would constantly feel as though he was about to fall, leading him to restricted movement and an inactive life. The condition had shattered his confidence beyond repair and the Doctors urged for surgery. Now, with the help of KKT treatment Mr. Cheema not only walks, but can walk for an hour with pure confidence.

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