Neck Pain & Headaches

Cervical disc bulge,prolapse,herniation

Once frustrated Mr. Muhammad Sharif thanks KKT Pakistan for giving him the blessing of bowing down for Sujood again

73 year old Mr Muhammad Sharif a practicing muslim and a dedicated employee, found himself becoming short tempered and agitated with the life that resulted from restricted body movement and function. After many years of offering his prayers, and going to work, not being able to go into sujood was heart breaking to him.Mr Sharif took it upon himself to live an active life and moved to Lahore all the way from Wahcanntt in order to achieve his health. At KKT, despite his age, Mr. Sharif was able to recover completely and bounce back into his normal life.

38 years old Pakistani housewife shares her KKT Treatment experience after finding relief from chronic Neck Pain

Amara Imran, 38 year old housewife and mother of three kids used to take pain killers to help her sooth her upper Cervical problem that was causing her severe nick pains. She read about KKT in a local newspaper and after going through KKT’s website, she opted to choose KKT for her preferred method of treatment. Very early during her course of treatment she felt her pains had vanished and she was no longer experiencing daily migraine headaches.

Retired Col. Javed Yousaf went from 3 years of pain to 300 miles of pain free driving thanks to KKT Orthopedic Spine Center

Prior to KKT treatment Mr. Yousaf had been experiencing constant headaches for 3 years and was unable to sleep at night due to immense chronic pain. It wasn’t until his daughter from USA advised Retired Col. Javed Yousaf to seek KKT treatment that he came to KKT Spine Center Lahore. KKT treatment was able to alleviate his pain completely. In his testimonial Retired Army officer states that, being able to drive for 300 miles pain free, was in itself a marker for his regained health and normal lifestyle.

“22 years of excruciating pain gone with KKT’s noninvasive procedure” expresses former KKT patient Mr. Aleem Ahmed

Progressive minded Aleem Ahmed had been a victim of neck pain for the past 22 years and a back ache patient for many more. He sought for all available treatment options before coming to KKT. In his testimonial he expresses how he found KKT, a non-invasive bio-mechanical procedure far more remedial than the tried and tested conventional methods.

Victim of body imbalance Mr. Cheema turned to KKT Spine Center, after he was shattered by his inactive life of 3 decades

Mr. Nasir Cheema was a sufferer of body unbalance for the past 20-30 years. His condition had got to the point where his leg pain was intense and he would constantly feel as though he was about to fall, leading him to restricted movement and an inactive life. The condition had shattered his confidence beyond repair and the Doctors urged for surgery. Now, with the help of KKT treatment Mr. Cheema not only walks, but can walk for an hour with pure confidence.

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