Scoliosis Treatment

Hajera Sheikh gets back to normal active life after getting treated from KKT Spine Center for scoliosis

Hajera Sheikh, a student, shares her journey with KKT Orthopedic Spine Center, Lahore Pakistan. She was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 13. She tried various treatments involving physiotherapy. But her pain was still frequent and becoming more intense with every passing day. Hajera Sheikh had always been interested in sports but due to scoliosis she couldn’t excel in sports either. Her backache started hurting and she would have to return home and rest thinking that she would die of this pain one day. Because of her ever increasing pain, she started thinking of having a surgery but after surgery outcomes were not that overwhelming to make her take this big risk. Hajera Sheikh’s mother read about KKT and asked her to check it out. KKT treatment being non-invasive is not associated with any risks which other invasive procedures have. As an outcome to KKT treatment pain has become very less frequent and now she actively takes part in sports and performs her routines normally. She admires the courtesy and cooperation of the entire KKT staff. Her message to people is that they must get themselves checked regularly and avoid self-medication as it leads to severe outcomes in the long run.

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