“Friends for life” KKT forum

Former recovered and healthy patients of KKT treatment were invited to attend this monthly Hi-tea event held at the KKT Johar Town Center, Lahore.At KKT we understand and value our patient’s ongoing struggles with pain and debilitation, hence we promote healthy relationships amongst the fellow patients for moral and ethical support.

This forum allows for former patients to meet and greet one another, our experts and our team members, while encouraging a healthy approach to life and positive recovery.The event was attended by many former patients, KKT and CORC staff members and our chief consultants. It was a knowledgeable and fun-filled event.

Patient Interviews with Duniya News

Recovered Enthusiastic patients record their testimonials with Duniya News
In order to spread awareness and share their experience at KKT, fully recovered and physically fit patients were keen to record their testimonials. KKT Pakistan requested Duniya News to become part of this noble cause, and they did with much enthusiasm. Each individual kindly took out time and contributed to these series of interviews.
KKT orthopedic center would like to congratulate these individuals on their successful journey to health, and thank them for their time. In this album you can see behind the scene recordings captured on camera.

Special Workshop for Old Patients

KKT Orthopedic spine center is dedicated to ongoing health of their current and former patients. In order to ensure the health of their former and recovered patients, KKT organized an awareness workshop in which former patients spinal alignments were re-checked, their lifestyle and diet instructions were reinforced and they were informed about KKTs new treatment modalities, such as Spinal decompression, Shock wave, infrared, heat and tense treatment.

Special check-up at Molty foam Celeste DHA by Dr. Abdullah

KKT Chief Consultant Dr. Abdullah Farooq Khan conducted complimentary consultations at the Master Molty foam Celeste branch at DHA. It was a one day event in which loyal Molty foam customers who signed up for the event, were invited to come along with their X-ray reports and findings.

The aim of the event was to spread awareness amongst the general population of Pakistan, regarding their back pain problems, and the core reasons behind it. Enthusiastic patients and their family members arrived at the event with their X-ray findings and other reports to get specialized consultations regarding their pains and numbness.

To excel in orthopedic health care, KKT Pakistan conducts special seminars for fellow specialists

KKT Pakistan is dedicated to spreading awareness amongst its general population along with the experts in the field of medicine and orthopedics. To ensure an ongoing awareness program KKT invited fellow experts to attend a seminar. In this seminar these experts were educated about the KKT technology and treatment modalities.

Honorary Consulate General of Canada Mr. Ross Hynes is chief guest at official KKT launching ceremony.

KKT Pakistan invites Honorary Consulate General Mr. Ross Hynes to be the chief guest at the official launching ceremony of KKT Pakistan. This event was hosted at the KKT Spine Centers premises in Johar Town, Lahore.

Mr. Ross Hynes expressed his gratitude for being invited at the event and acknowledged the ongoing efforts of KKT and its worldwide recognition. He also mentioned that he was pleased to see a country like Pakistan take such advance initiatives and become one of the pioneering countries in accommodating advances in biomedical technology by establishing such centers.

Latest KKT Technology shifts to Pakistan from Canada January 18, 2012

On the 18th January 2012, the pioneering biomedical technology in KKT treatment was imported from Canada to Pakistan. These devices are state of the art machines that exhibit acoustic sound waves that re-align the spine, correcting the individuals balance. With the arrival and installation of these machines the KKT orthopedic Center has now begun conducting its treatments.

Meeting with Stereo Nation

Renowned singer, composer and director Tarsame Singh Saini is known as Stereo nation visited KKT Pakistan on the 10th March 2014. Mr. Tarsame Singh or Stereo Nation is a believer of technological advancement, particularly the advancement of biomedical technology. He was given a customized tour of the facility and talked through the system and the process of KKT.

Mr. Saini, at the end of the tour expressed his gratitude for being shown around with such detail and dedication and praised KKT for its excellence in patient care service and its international standards.

University of Lahore Delegation

Delegates of University of Lahore visit KKT to sign a collaboration agreement with KKT Pakistan.
Due to its ground breaking research in revolutionizing the sound wave technology for the use of spinal alignment, the KKT treatment has been adopted in many countries abroad and is keenly being researched upon.
Currently, researchers are working on the effects of KKT treatment of various physical ailments such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

In their ongoing efforts to bring to Pakistan all arenas of biomedical technology and make it available to the student body of Pakistan, University of Lahore and KKT have joined forces. University of Lahore would soon be offering its students courses on KKT treatment and its modalities.

PAK Army General at KKT

Pakistan army is one of the most sophisticated structures of Pakistan. In their ongoing efforts to serve their country they are about to establish a high-tech University with the most advanced courses up for offer. The Representatives of Pakistan Army, Major General Mohammad Amjad (Chief Anesthesiologist and Head of Pain Management Center Army) and Major General Mohammad Ishwaq (Chief ENT surgeon Pakistan Army) were invited in a Luncheon with the KKT centers Doctors and associate staff.

They visited the facility of KKT and were educated about KKT treatment, its modalities and processes that make it the best treatment option for spine care. It is predicted that in the future this Pak-army University may offer a course in KKT treatment for these honorary guests left the KKT facility with a sound belief in the effectiveness of the KKT treatment.

Special Guest from PAK Army arrives at KKT

Major General Mohammad Imran Majeed (Chief Cardiologist & Commandant AFIC arm forces Institute of Cardiology) visited the KKT facility and praised the KKT team for its pioneering organization.

KKT Booth at Mall of Lahore

Postures acquired during our daily lives, and certain habits lead to the ongoing damage caused to our spine and its alignment. Keen shoppers at the Mall of Lahore signed up at the KKT booth in order to gain a better insight into how their routinely habits and postures could be affecting their spinal alignment.

These shoppers were briefed about the KKT treatment and the harmful effects of bad postures on the spine. They were made aware of the effects of carrying heavy shopping bags, and hand bags and were briefed about the correct ways to carry them. This was a highly fruitful event in which most participants left with life changing knowledge.

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