Success Stories

Story of Mr. Muhammad Tousiq Arshad – Notable Hockey Player Regained Health from KKT Pakistan
His love for the country drove him to achieve, his passion to recover got him to KKT Pakistan. Mr. Mohammad Tousiq Arshad, winner of three gold medals in the Olympian Hockey, and Gold Medalist of the Asian Champions trophy faced what most players consider their worst nightmare. Due to injuries acquired as part of his game, he was advised to go under surgery and take injections. The brave player refused to live a debilitating life that resulted after surgery. He searched for a non-surgical treatment procedure that would leave him in the best of his health and be able to play again. In his testimonial, he explains how he got to KKT and his disappointment for fellow sportsmen who are acquiring surgery and going under the knife, unaware of KKT spinal treatment.

Treatment Journey of Mr. Cheema – KKT Successfully Treated His 30 Years Old Body Imbalance
Mr. Nasir Cheema was a sufferer of body unbalance for the past 20-30 years. His condition had got to the point where his leg pain was intense and he would constantly feel as though he was about to fall, leading him to restricted movement and an inactive life. The condition had shattered his confidence beyond repair and the Doctors urged for surgery. Now, with the help of KKT treatment Mr. Cheema not only walks, but can walk for an hour with pure confidence.

Retired Col. Javed Yousaf – His Painful Moments are Gone Forever!
Prior to KKT treatment, Mr. Yousaf had been experiencing constant headaches for 3 years and was unable to sleep at night due to immense chronic pain. It wasn’t until his daughter from the USA advised Retired Col. Javed Yousaf to seek KKT treatment that he came to KKT Spine Center Lahore. KKT treatment was able to alleviate his pain completely. In his testimonial, Retired Army officer states that being able to drive for 300 miles pain-free, was in itself a marker for his regained health and normal lifestyle.

The Success of KKT – Ammara Imran is Finally Happy Now!
Amara Imran, 38 year old housewife and mother of three kids used to take pain killers to help her sooth her upper Cervical problem that was causing her severe nick pains. She read about KKT in a local newspaper and after going through KKT’s website, she opted to choose KKT for her preferred method of treatment. Very early during her course of treatment she felt her pains had vanished and she was no longer experiencing daily migraine headaches.

Pain is No Longer In Her Life – Tale of Ms. Zakia Shahid
Ms. Zakia Shahid came to KKT with Spinal Stenosis, Spondylitis and slip disc. The spaces between her back bones had decreased putting immense pressure on her spinal cord and nerves that traveled through her spine. She reported symptoms of headaches, backache, shoulder ache and neck ache. KKT was able to eradicate her pain, treat her mal-alignment and have her walking again. Hear from her, how she was healed through KKT.

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