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Listen to what our patients have to say about the successful treatment results at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center. These patients are our true advocates and their success stories demonstrate how KKT Pakistan has proven to be an effective Orthopedic Spine Center that consistently provided the support these patients actually needed. KKT Team utilizes its considerable expertise to ensure the best healthcare services to every debilitating patient every day.


Sardar Nawazish Ali

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Syed Faizan Nasir

Condition Treated: Lower Back Pain

Imran Qureshi

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Ikram Ullah’s

Condition Treated: Sciatica


Condition Treated: Back Pain

Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Condition Treated: L4, L5 Spinal Stenosis

Ali Shahid

Condition Treated: Neck & Back Pain

Dr. Raja’s

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Bushra Ansari

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Fiza Adnan

Condition Treated: Scoliosis

Zeenat Fatima

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Naila Ilyas

Condition Treated: Neck Pain

Mrs. Rukhsana

Condition Treated: Back Pain 

Shamsher’s Ahmed

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Suraiya Apa

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Shakeel Ahmed

Condition Treated: Back Pain


Condition Treated: Chronic Lower Back Pain

Ramzan Bibi

Condition Treated: Sciatica & Back Pain


Condition Treated: Back Pain

Mohammad Ajmal

Condition Treated: Back Pain


Condition Treated: Back Pain

Muhammad Nazhar’s

Condition Treated: knee & Back Pain

Abdul Samad Jan

Condition Treated: Back Pain & Shoulder Pain

Mrs. Iqbal 

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Saleem Iqbal

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Zain ul Hassan

Condition Treated: Neck Pain

Muhammad Asif

Condition Treated: Knee Pain & Sciatica

Sufra Beghum

Condition Treated: Pain In Legs

Almas Tariq

Condition Treated: Neck Pain

Mrs. Azeem

Condition Treated: Back Pain 

Zarina Rafaqat

Condition Treated: Back Pain 

Lubna Imran

Condition Treated: Neck Pain

Chaudhry Maqsood

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Haji Dildaar

Condition Treated: Spinal Disorder

Waseem’s Aunt 

Condition Treated: Severe Back Pain

Mrs. Haram BiBi

Condition Treated: Back Pain

Sardar Nawazish Ali Success Story

Ms Zakia Shahid felt warm and welcomed while getting treatment from KKTPakistan

Concerned Family chooses KKT as their paramount treatment mode


75 years old Gynecologist, Dr Khalida Imtiaz gets relief from CHRONIC SCIATIC PAIN at KKT Pakistan

Tousiq Arshad, a renowned Hockey Player, regains health at KKT Spine Center Pakistan from BACK PAIN

Mr. Nawaz, resident of KSA gets permanent relief from LOW BACK PAIN AND HIP PAIN at KKT Pakistan

Hajera gets back to normal active life after getting treated from KKT Spine Center for scoliosis

Col Sajid Bashir Sheikh Success Story

22 years of excruciating pain gone with KKT noninvasive procedure expresses

38 years old Pakistani housewife shares her KKT Treatment experience

71 year old retired Government Employee under goes KKT Treatment

Police Officer from Gujrat is back to eradicating crime with the help of KKT spine treatment center

Syed Faizan Nasir Success Story

63 Year old Pakistan Army veteran avoids Spinal Surgery by choosing KKT Spine Treatment

With KKT Spine Treatment, Retired Col. Javed Yousaf gets over his years of NECK PAIN AND HEADACHES

With her BACK PAIN behind her, KKT Spine Treatment finally made Mrs. Shafqat walk again

After months of fragmented care at KKT Pakistan, Muhammad Sharif finds relief from NECK AND ARM PAIN

When medicines failed and surgery seemed hopeless, Mr Basharat finally finds solution for BACK PAIN

23 Year Old Patient in the UK suffering from slip disc gets her KKT Treatment in Pakistan

Zareena Rafaqat Success Story

Mrs Malik finally relieved after 15 years of chronic back pain

Success Story of 45 year old Pakistani advocate in Islamabad

After a tragic spine injury, Mr Shahid Mehmood finds hope at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan

Mr Shoaib Khan gets his 14 years chronic back pain cured at KKT Spine Center Lahore

Victim of body imbalance and leg pain for years, Mr. Nasir Cheema, finds solution at KKT Pakistan

52 year old Homemaker Mother suffering from back pain and neck pain gets relief through KKT Pakistan

KKT Pakistan changed the life of Mr.Humayun Maroof by relieving his CHRONIC BACK PAIN & KNEE PAIN

44 year old Mr. Waqar gets back on the job after recovery from SLIP DISC & SCIATICA at KKT Pakistan

Mr Farooq gets back his normal pain free life after relieving from debilitating BACK PAIN at KKT Pa

Dr Afirah Hamid Success Story

Shahbaz Ali Success Story

27 Year old Businessman suffering from Disc Bulge recovers after KKT Spine Treatment

64 year old businessman from Peshawar suffering from 10 years of Back Pain

An overseas Pakistani working in oil fields suffering from Sciatica heals through KKT Spine Treatment

Muhammad Khalid Success Story

KKT Nationwide

KKT Pakistan has 8 operational centers across the nation and is actively engaged in opening of more centers to accommodate the debilitated patients struggling with chronic back and neck pain. KKT Pakistan’s head office is situated in Johar Town, Lahore, and other flagship centers are located in metropolitan cities.

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